Eddie Jordan: A Real Jerk

I’m sure that most people that are in our English HL class aren’t as into motor sport (especially Formula 1) as I am, but I bet a few of you will have heard the name Michael Schumacher. Schumacher is the F1 king, having set the record for the most total wins, the most consecutive wins, the most total pole positions, the most fastest laps of a race, the most podium finishes (1st, 2nd or 3rd), the most total career points, the most laps in 1st place, the most championship titles (an astounding 7 titles), and he has won at more races than any other driver. You can probably see where I am going with this. Michael Schumacher is by far and away the best driver in the history of motor sport. The only other driver who came close was Ayrton Senna who’s life was tragically cut short in an accident in 1994, but Michael will still be top of the list forever, like it or not. Schumacher retired in 2006, only to return to the sport this year racing for the Mercedes team. After being completely out of the sport for three years, one can imagine the difficulty of a return to an F1 cockpit. People expected the greatest driver of all time to immediately dominate the competition. However, this was a very unfair expectation because one needs to understand that being an F1 driver is one of the most physically demanding athletic positions any sport. This year, Schumacher will turn 41 years old, which is ancient in F1 terms. I agree that 41 years is not very old, but in F1 most drivers never reach 25 years old before they are considered not fit enough to be an F1 pilot anymore. With Michael consistently scoring points with a team that is below par compared to the competition, I think that Schumacher has done a great job given his circumstances. His team is not competitive enough to win races, but people still expect podium finishes from Michael. One article that I saw in the news the other day made me so angry, because people are now ripping Michael to shreds because he is not winning anymore. Eddie Jordan was a racing car driver in the 1970’s who experienced mild success in less serious formulas, such as Formula Ford. Although he owned his own F1 team, he never raced in the sport, and is not even in the same league as any F1 driver. He has been especially violent about Schumacher, even though he never even raced in the sport, let alone win an F1 race or acquire SEVEN WORLD TITLES!!! Eddie Jordon went on to say that Michael’s reputation as the King of Racing will be ruined if he wins no races this year, but 10 years down the road no one will care about that one year. They will still remember the peak of his career when he was untouchable. He goes on to say that Michael is “not good enough.” Now I’m sorry but what kind of idiot does it take to say something like that about Schumacher. It would be one thing if double world champion Fernando Alonso made such a comment, but Eddie Jordan? I don’t know who he thinks he is. It is tantamount to me saying that Michael Jordan is “not good enough” at basketball. It’s crazy! Eddie Jordan is a nobody compared to Schumacher, he is just a rich, washed up F1 team owner, and somehow he thinks that he knows everything about the sport. How dare he say something like that? He has no right to criticize Michael’s weaknesses, especially because Michael knew the risk he was taking, and it was incredibly brave of him to come back to the sport, after being absent for three years. It amazes me, the ideas that some people get into their heads….


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