Interlagos: The Ending of the 2011 Season

As we approach the last race of the 2011 season, we can reflect on what has been a truly amazing season of Formula 1 racing. Yes, the season has been dominated by Red Bull, and specifically by Sebastian Vettel. However, new rule changes such as KERS, DRS, and most importantly the Pirelli tires have made for incredible racing at each venue this season. Sebastian Vettel could not have asked for a better season, nearly equalling the record the amount of victories in one season, held by the legendary Michael Schumacher, and also has the chance to break the record of most pole positions in a race in the upcoming Brazilian Grand Prix.

Vettel has had this finger in the air for most of the season!


The Brazilian Interlagos Circuit is a legendary track in F1, which has seen many historic moments in F1, such as Hamilton winning the title in 2008, and incredible battles between Juan-Pablo Montoya and Michael Schumacher in to the troublesome Turn 1.

We saw Hamilton become 2008 Champion at Interlagos


Each driver on the grid is determined to finish the season on a high note. Although both the Driver’s and Constructor’s Championships have been secured by Sebastian Vettel and the Red Bull squad, drivers are still competing to the best of their ability for race victories. It is impossible to be certain who will be strong at this circuit, given that last year’s pole position went to rookie driver Nico Hulkenburg at Williams, who qualified a scarcely believable 1.5 seconds ahead of the Red Bull drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

Last year's race saw an astonishing performance put rookie Nico Hulkenberg on pole position

The weather at Interlagos will be critical, and recent wet weather in Sao Paolo could mean that we have a damp final race for our 2011 season, which we have not seen since Hungary, back in August. However, if I was forced to give a guess as to who would be on pole position, it would have to be Sebastian Vettel. In spite of the recent performance increases from McLaren, Vettel’s qualifying performance this year has been absolutely dominating and flawless, and I would be surprised to see one of the McLaren’s on the front spot come Sunday on the twisty Interlagos circuit.


As for the race, it is impossible to say who will do well. The McLaren’s recent race pace has been incredibly strong, and they have been able to match the pace of their Red Bull rivals. If McLaren end up in a position in which they are in front of Vettel, I would say they have the race in their hands, and it is up to them to lose it. However, getting past Vettel has been a very rare occurrence for the team this season.

The McLaren boys are the most likely to challenge Red Bull next Sunday.

One thing is certain, we can be certain for a thrilling end to the 2011 season of Formula One Racing!


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